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Our Service

We offer the fastest way to get an Official Apostille on your documents.

This means that all the countries listed in the "A List" are legally required to recognise your Apostilled Document as genuine without argument. 


For a list see: Locations and Jurisdictions

Our clients agree with us, we believe our service to be the fastest and most professional available.

What is The Hague Conference?

This is an intergovernmental convention which set about establishing a simplified system to allow documentation originating in one member country, to be easily recognised as authentic in another member country. The norms were established at The Hague Convention of 6th of October 1961.


What is an Apostille?

This is the documentary device by which a government department, usually the State Department, Justice Ministry or Foreign Ministry, authenticates a document as genuine, thereby legalizing it for use in another member country under the terms laid out in 1961. 


Once a document has been Apostilled, thereby providing official government authentication of the signatures and stamps appearing on it, it is automatically deemed legalised for use in another member country.


An Apostille consists of the following:


  1. name of country from which the document emanates.

  2. name of person signing the document;

  3. the capacity in which the person signing the document has acted;

  4. in the case of unsigned documents, the name of the authority which has affixed the seal or stamp;

  5. place of certification;

  6. date of certification;

  7. the authority issuing the certificate;

  8. number of certificate;

  9. seal or stamp of authority issuing certificate;

  10. signature of authority issuing certificate.


The simplicity and lack of ambiguity has led to the Apostille becoming a favoured form of validation of documents worldwide, even in countries that are not actually signatories to The Hague Conference. 

See: Locations and Jurisdictions


Why should I get my degree Apostilled?

The simplicity and widespread acceptance of an Apostille, along with its government administered guarantee of authenticity, has resulted in it becoming the most widely used method for legalising a degree for use internationally. Once a degree has been legalised for use with an Apostille, it is legal for use in any member country.


How do I apply for an Apostille?

For you the procedure is quite simple.

Simply print out and complete the application form and send the original document. If you are visiting us via a participating organisation who have provided you with a special code, you will not be required to send us an original document.


How long does it take?

It depends on what you need to be apostilled, usually 25 days or less.

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