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Beware Apostille Scam websites

How to avoid being ripped off by online crooks

A number of sites have "sprung" up recently claiming to arrange Official Government Apostilles.

THE TRUTH:  Obtaining an Apostille is a very complicated bureaucratic process that needs to be expertly handled by professionals. 

Somebody working anonymously in a far flung country is not the right choice to care for your precious documents.

5 ways to spot a possible FAKE Apostille provider.

1. Claims to have "been in this business for years".

Only 1 website has been in this business for many years.

If other sites have been in the business so long, (as is often claimed), then why don't they own the Generic DOTCOM?

Simple, they are copycats.

2. Cheap prices that sound too good to be true!

That's because they aren't true.  Sounds great until you have sent the money.

Truth is, you get what you pay for. We have hundreds of emails from people who have sent off money and original documents only to discover they lost both to a scam artist. 

A variation of this scam also exists:  Some scammers do send the documents back, but the Apostille Seal turns out to be fake or counterfeit.

3. The correct term for the Seal is "APOSTILLE".

Some sites will use similar sounding domain names trying to confuse visitors to their website into thinking they are dealing with should look like this in your browser. 

4. Displaying logos of legitimate organizations on the website.

You will usually find just the logos and no more information to prove actual membership of those organizations.

5.  Insisting on wire transfers for payment.

If they are so legitimate, why can't you pay by check or Paypal?

Don't be a fool, use the experts!

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