Why apostille with us?


Q.  What kinds of documents can be submitted for an Apostille?

A.  All kinds and types of documents including:-


Adoption Certificates

Affidavits, Deeds & Wills.

Agreements & Mandates

Apprenticeship & Indenture Certificates

Awards, Degrees, Diplomas & Transcripts.

Baptism & Confirmation Certificates

Bills of Sale & Proof of Ownership

Birth, Marriage & Death certificates.

Books & Novels

(Decree Nisi/Absolute & Annulment)

Company Certificates & Articles of Memorandum

Copyright Testimonies

Ebooks (printed hardcopies)

Executor of Will Confirmation

Judgments & Edicts

Indemnity Certificates

Notary Oaths

Passports, Permits & Identity Documents

Plans & Schematics

Power of Attorney & Letters of Authorization

Private papers & Letters of Administration

Representative family tree parchments












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